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Petit Coin Villa

Rodrigues island

Caverne Provert is located north of the island and is very quiet village.
The villa and studio is located in the idyllic provincial village of Caverne Provert. Located 3 miles east of the Capital Port Mathurin, Caverne Provert is far away enough from all the hustle and bustle of the busy capital port to still hold on to the rustic quiet aura the island is famous for but not too far as to be inconvenient to reach the local markets of the Capital, and all the riches it has to offer.

Perhaps the best aspect of the area is the beach, located only 30 seconds away outside the villa and studio should you be feeling to relaxed to travel to any of the other fantastic beaches the island has to offer.

Roughly a mile to the west is Anse aux Anglais where local commerce is made. Here you'll some local shops and restaurants offering everything from simple necessities to the delightful tastes and colours of the area. And it's the closest location that serves Mauritius' famous Phoenix Beer.Petit Coin is situated in a quiet corner where neighbours are 500 meters away. its a detached property and very close to the beach.
Petit Coin Villa consist of 5 rooms on the first floor. 1st room is a large bedroom with 1 double bed, single bed, wardrobe, electric fan and air-con. 2nd room is a large bedroom with a double bed, wardrobe and electric fan. 3rd room is a large shower room and separate toilette with hot and cold water. 4th room is a kitchen with microwave, fridge freezer, gas oven and fully equipped kitchen. Table ware and cutlery, full set of kitchen knives and equipment. 5th room is the living and dining room area equipped with a set sofa, coffee table, TV, decoder to receive 4 channel from Mauritius and dining table with 6 chairs. The Petit Coin Studio consist fully equipped kitchennette, shower room, toilette, one double bed, wardrobe, air-con, electric fan, table and 4 chairs, fridge freezer, microware,electric single hob

Finally, 2 miles east you'll find Grand Bay. If you're feeling extra energetic you can walk across the steep sloops to reach next closest beach to your location. If tranquillity and isolation is what your after you won't need to go much further than Grand Bay.



Caverne Provert

Rodrigues Island